Applying the sharing economy to childcare to enable BAME mothers to access opportunities that will fight social exclusion


Creating a affordable and flexible childcare solution for low income mothers in Tower Hamlets so that mothers might find time for themselves, learn and grow in confidence. 






The sharing economy is changing the way that we behave and consume.
ShareCare is exploring the potential of using a shared economy model for childcare and whether this can be designed inclusively so that it is targeted at low income parents.


Helping your neighbour out with childcare is something that has occurred naturally for hundreds of years in many cultures and communities. Circumstances in London mean that these trusted relationships and circumstances for informal childcare are not sufficiently available.


There are a number of existing parent networking and shared economy childcare platforms (Mush, Koru Kids) however, as is often the case, these shared economy platforms are not being designed inclusively for those that might benefit from them the most. This might be down to the fact that they are still not affordable enough, they are not being targeted at low income communities, lack of trust in communities and the fact that they are often solely facilitated digitally.

I want to take these innovative concepts and develop a reciprocal childcare project that works with organisations who are already trying to help low income parents.