Art for Protest

"You Need to Understand My Culture to Understand My Problem"

In this project I wanted to protest specifically the new UK law that has made it a criminal offence for parents or family members to force their daughters/sons into marriage. These parents can now be sentenced to seven years in Jail. What the government does not realise is that this is infact counter productive. Individuals being pressured into marriage will not want to turn their own parents into jail if they risk serving a heavy jail sentence.


I want the government to realise that an appropriate solution will only be found through a better understanding of the people involved and their culture. This calls for improved awareness and consciousness through education. This is summed up in my slogan, "You need to understand my culture to understand my problem."


I choose henna as the medium for my protest. I wrote in Arabic on my friends hand “educate” and “understand.” Henna lasts up to 3 weeks so by agreeing to have this Henna tattoo it shows commitment to the cause.