A fellow graphic design student and myself completed this environmental project with the help of young people from the Horizons Youth Project.


After meeting with the young people from the Horizons project we began to understand the frustrations and economic/social problems they were tackling on a daily bases and the important role the Horizons project played in tackling them. We decided with the group to use the mural project to communicate both the young peoples and the Horizons organisations importance and determination. We wanted to create something that those youths, who felt rejected from society, could take pride in and generate a sense of ownership for.


The quotes wrapped around the pillars were provided to us by the young people. Viewers are encouraged to walk around the pillars in order to read the messages encouraging them to interact and acknowledge the youth project. We used root and vine imagery to visualise the young peoples prescence and them establishing themselves


The pillars also played a role in preventing graffiti and vandalism of the area.  



Horizons Youth Project