The Pillars

The Horizons Youth project, Cowgate Edinburgh.


 A fellow graphic design student and myself did this enviromental project with the help of Castle Rock for the Horizons youth project.  After meeting with the young people from the Horizons project we began to understand the frustrations and economic/social problems they are tackiling on a daily bases. We decided that we wanted to create a visual representation of their battle and portray Horizons as a determined and vital organization to the general public. We wanted to create something that those youths, who feel hopeless and rejected from society, could take pride in and generate a sense of ownership for. The quotes wrapped around the pillars were provided to use by the users. Viewers are forced to walk around the pillars in order to read the messages forcing them to interact and acknowledge the youth project. We used root and vine imagery to visualise the fact that these young people exist and are establishing themselves in society.  


 The pillars not only portray the Horizons project as a valuable, vibrant and respected community but also have prevented graffitti and vandalism of the area.